Derbara With Undefeated Olympiacos

-- Derbara With Undefeated Olympiacos --


Panathinaikos 1 - 3 Olympiacos
(22 - 25)
(23 - 25)
(30 - 28)
(25 - 27)

Olympiacos defeated their eternal rivals, Panathinaikos, 1-3 set in Monday’s entertaining Volley League derby, handing the Prasini their first home defeat of the season.

Olympiacos showed who is boss in the Greek Volley League as they remained undefeated for an 18th straight match this season. The Erythrolefki defeated their eternal rivals, Panathinaikos, 1-3 set on the road and essentially clinched first place in the Volley League regular season. With four games remaining, Olympiacos hold a 9 point lead over second placed Panathinaikos, who now only lead third placed PAOK by one point. 

As expected, it was a heated encounter between the two teams with Olympiacos just edging out their opponents in the first two sets (22-25, 23-25). It was a real “derby” in the third set as Panathinaikos pulled within one, winning the hard-fought set 30-28. 

Like the previous three sets, the final set was a closely contest one as Olympiacos came back from 25-24 down to win the last three points and the set 25-27.

It will now be a dogfight between Panathinaikos and PAOK for second place while Olympiacos enjoy home court advantage in the postseason.

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