Carlos Zeca is Officially Greek

Carlos Zeca is Officially Greek

Early Tuesday, Carlos Zeca was sworn in as a Greek citizen and is officially eligible to play for the Greek National Team.

Late last week, Carlos Zeca received his Greek passport and on Tuesday morning he was officially sworn in as a Greek citizen. This makes the Panathinaikos captain eligible to play for the Greek national team and he will likely be called up by Michael Skibbe for Greece’s qualifier away to Belgium next Saturday. 

After his swearing in, Zeca went on to say “I am very happy and proud that I became a Greek citizen. It is something that I have wanted for some time now. I have been in Greece for six years and I really like Greece and its people. I feel like this is my home. That is why I had one dream, to obtain Greek citizenship and I am very happy this has come true. The National team is later. First on my mind is our match with Olympiacos over the weekend which is an important fixture for us and we really want to win. After that, I will have my mind on the national team and i surely want to help out.”

Zeca joined Panathinaikos in 2011 and fell in love with Greece from day one while quickly learning the language through music. In Greece, he raised his first child and had his second child. 

In addition to his personal life, Greece (through Panathinaikos) has been a big step in Zeca’s playing career having celebrated the first cup of his career with the Prasini while becoming one of the club’s best and irreplaceable players over the years. For the past few seasons, the 29-year old has been the club’s captain. 

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