Olympiacos Win Second Cup of the Year

Olympiacos Win Second Cup of the Year


Olympiacos 3 - 1 Kifisia
(25 - 13)
(19 - 25)
(25 - 22)
(29 - 27)

Olympiacos won their second championship of the season after defeating Kifisia 3-1 set in today's Greek Cup Final. 

It was a rematch of last year’s Greek Cup final as Olympiacos and Kifisia once again battled it out for this year’s cup. The Erythrolefki dominated the first set to win 25-13, but a strong showing from Kifisia in the second set brought them level 1-1 with a 25-19 set victory.

In the third set, both teams made careless mistakes but Olympiacos held onto an early lead as they went on to win 25-22 and regain the match advantage (2-1). 

The final set was a real thriller as both teams exchanged the lead before Kifisia came within one point of sending the game to a tiebreak set (24-22). However, Cupkovic came through with two big plays to bring Olympiacos level 24-24. With Kifisia again a point away from winning the set at 27-26, Cupkovic once again took over for the Erythrolefki, scoring three straight points to give Olympiacos the 29-27 set win and the 2017 Greek Cup. Cupkovic was named MVP of the match.

Olympiacos defeated Kifisia 3-0 set in last year’s Cup final and have now won 4 out of the last 5 Greek Cup titles. The Erythrolefki have won 16 cups in the club's history, the most out of anyone in Greece, while Kifisia will have to wait another season to win their first Greek Cup championship.


Image Source: osfp.gr
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