Olympiacos Too Tough To Go Down

Olympiacos Too Tough To Go Down


Series is tied 2-2
PAOK 0 - 3 Olympiacos
(21 - 25)
(21 - 25)
(26 - 28)

Olympiacos defeated PAOK 0-3 set in a must win game 4 and sent the Greek Volley League Finals to a game 5 in Piraeus.

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With Agamez leading the way yet again for Olympiacos, the Erythrolefki silenced the packed PAOK Sports Arena in game 4  of the Greek Volley League Finals, winning the match 0-3 set. The visitors put on a fantastic display on the attacking front and sent the series to a do or die game 5 in Piraeus on Sunday May 7th. 

On the other hand, PAOK were unable to clinch their third straight Volley League title in front of their fans, who created an electrifying atmosphere in Thessaloniki. A key point in the game was Starovic’s injury in the first set, something that proved to be detrimental to PAOK’s game 4 efforts. 

Olympiacos’ strong start to the first set helped them to a 21-25 set win before a late run in the second set gave them a clear advantage in the match, winning the second set with the same scoreline. Despite taking a 4-point lead in the third set, PAOK were unable to hold onto the set win as Agamez led the Olympiacos comeback and the Eyrhtolefki won the set 26-28 and the match 0-3.

On Sunday, Olympiacos will host PAOK in the final game of the Volley League finals with the series tied  at 2-2. The winner of the match will be crowned this year’s Greek Volley League Champion.

Image Source: sportfm.gr
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