Frightening injury for Retsos

Frightening injury for Retsos

Panagiotis Retsos suffered a frightening injury to the head near the end of Olympiacos’ friendly against Vatens in Austria.

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Olympiacos’ friendly against Vatens ended on frightening terms as Panagiotis Retsos was sent to the hospital after suffering a head injury in the 86th minute. In an effort to win a header in the air, Retsos was knocked in the head and fell to the ground unconscious. The Olympiacos medical team rushed to the 19-year old were he thankfully regained his consciousness and was carried off on a stretcher to the hospital. 

Retsos was unconscious for about a minute and there was fear that his tongue had reverted back into his throat. The club's doctor, Theos, intervened within 20 seconds and successfully avoided a tragic ending, bringing Retsos back to a conscious state. 
The Olympiacos players and coaching staff were in shock seeing their teammate falling unconscious and lying on the ground knocked out cold. The match was stopped as the players looked on in disbelief while others turned their backs as they could not watch. Many burst out into tears (including Hasi) fearing the absolute worse. See pictures below from
Coach Besnik Hasi stated after the match “I was scared very much for about a minute, I was worried that we had lost him. However the response of our medical team was urgent. Thankfully Retsos only lost consciousness for only a minute. We were very scared for his health.” He continued on saying “To see a young kid in that kind of situation fills you with fear, it is a very bad feeling. The person that needed to keep calm, the doctor, reacted as such and the medical team responded in the best way possible.” He ended with “All our thoughts are with Restos and we wish him a speedy recovery. We cannot talk about the game now as all our thoughts are with Panagiotis and we are by his side.” 
In the ambulance, which had to be called and was not at the grounds, Retsos lifted his head up and assured to his teammates and staff that he was ok. He will remain one night in the hospital and undergo medical tests to confirm that his health is well. The club’s spokesman Kostas Karamanos released a statement saying that Retsos is doing well and that the Olympiacos family is by his side.
For the record, the game was cut short after Retsos’ injury with Olympiacos defeated Vatens 2-0.


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