Meet AEK’s Two Basketball Mascots...PandaPadu & Bobiras

-- Meet AEK’s Two Basketball Mascots...PandaPadu & Bobiras --

Before Saturday’s derby against Aris at the Nick Galis Olympic Indoor Hall, AEK BC released the club’s two new mascots, PandaPadu and Bobiras!

PandaPadu is black and yellow Panda that represents the chant, ΑΕΚ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΝΤΑ (AEK Forever), for AEK to be first in everything and for its fans to support the club forever. The Panda wears the number 68, symbolising the year AEK won its first European Basketball title, the 1968 FIBA European Cup Winner's Cup. The Enosis was the first Greek club to win a European title.

The other mascot, Bobiras was released after PandaPadu and made rounds around the stadium, entertaining and playing with the kids in attendance at the game.


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