2019/20 Super League calendar released

2019/20 Super League calendar released

Among other topics discussed in Tuesday’s Super League Board of Directors meeting, the calendar for the new season was approved with the draw set for July 2nd.

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In contrast with previous seasons, the calendar for the new Super League season is in place well in advance of the season's kick-off date. In Tuesday’s Super League Board of Directors meeting, many topics were discussed including the layout for the new season.

Super League draw date

The draw for the 2019/20 Super League season will take place in two week’s time on Tuesday, July 2nd. There, the 14 teams will find out their schedule for the new Super League season.

Start date and first half of the season

The new season will kick-off on the weekend of August 24th and the first round of matches, a total of 13 matchdays, will conclude on the weekend of December 7-9.

Second half and end of the regular season

The second half of the season, beginning with matchday 14, will begin on the weekend of December 14-15 and matchday 15 will take place right before Christmas on December 21-23. The league will resume after the Christmas break on January 4-6. The regular season will conclude on the weekend of March 1st.

The regular season will include 24 matchdays held on weekends and two matchdays held during the midweek, December 18-19 and January 22-23.

Playoffs schedule

The playoffs will include the top six teams from the regular season and will consist of ten matchdays. The playoffs will begin on March 7-9 and will continue on with games held on March 14-16, March 21-22, April 4-6, and April 11-13. The second half of the playoffs will begin after the Easter break on April 25-27 and continue on with games held on May 3-4, May 9, May 13, and May 17, marking the end of the 2019/20 Super League season.

Nine matchdays will take place over weekends and one matchday will be held during the midweek, on May 13th.

Playouts schedule

The playouts will include the teams ranked 7th-14th from the regular season standings and will take place over seven matchdays. Teams will play the others in just one fixture as opposed to the playoffs, where clubs will play in home and away matches against the other playoff teams.

The dates for the playouts are March 14-16, March 21-22, April 4-6, April 11-13, April 25-27, May 3, and May 10. All playout matches will take place over the weekend.

The team that finishes in last place will be relegated to the Super League 2 while the team that finishes second from the bottom will play against the Super League 2’s second placed team in a two-legged playoff for a spot in the 2020/21 Super League. This agreement must be agreed upon by the Second Division’s Union. If not, the matter will be taken to Arbitration Court for a final decision.

VAR and Melo Pereira

Representatives of both FIFA and UEFA, Petr Fousek and Herbert Hubel, were present at the meeting and discussed matters including the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and the future of the chairman of the EPO’s Refereeing Department, Vitor Melo Pereira. It was mentioned that plans are going according to plan for the use of the VAR at the beginning of the season, however, nothing was confirmed by FIFA and UEFA’s representatives.

In addition, FIFA and UEFA confirmed that Pereira will remain at his post for the new season, despite cries for a change from both AEK and Olympiacos.

Super League renamed to Super League 1

In Tuesday’s meeting, the Super League was officially renamed to the Super League 1.

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