AEK Release Interesting Statistics About Olympiacos’ Golden Years

AEK Release Interesting Statistics About Olympiacos’ Golden Years

A very interesting article on statistics was published by AEK’s newspaper “Ora ton Sport”, which looked into penalties and red cards for Olympiacos during their golden years from 1996-2016. 

The newspaper made a statistical summary of the penalties and red cards given both in favor and against the Erythrolefki during Olympiacos’ “golden” twenty years, where they won 18 out of 20 league titles.
To begin with the penalties, the report states from 1996 to 2016 Olympiacos won 161 penalties whereas ONLY 41 were called against them during the same time period. Olympiacos’ Predrag Djordjevic took a whopping 67 spot kicks during those years. 

Moreover, Olympiacos went a record breaking 91 straight games in the Greek First Division WITHOUT committing a penalty from 2011-2015. During those same seasons, Olympiacos committed 13 penalties in 44 matches for the Champions League and Europa League competitions.

As far as red cards are concerned, the Erythrolefki had 137 opponents sent off in the 20-year span while having only 45 of their players receive a red card during that time. From 2011-2014, Olympiacos went another record breaking 74 consecutive games without being show a single  red card.

The report noted that the penalty awarded to AEK last year at the OAKA stadium was their first in a home game in 21 years against Olympiacos.

On the flip side, AEK were awarded 110 penalties in their favor and 60 against them in the last 20 years. Their opponents were give 84 red cards while AEK saw 63 players sent off.


by: Dimitris Spiridakos


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