Aiginiakos president Giannis Niopas accused of helping fix Football League matches

Aiginiakos president Giannis Niopas accused of helping fix Football League matches

Earlier this week, current Apollon Pontou head coach Dimitris Kalaitzidis spoke to the athletic prosecutor in Thessaloniki, giving information surrounding matches in the championship which saw teams lose by big scores as to receive large sums of money.

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As earlier reported on AGONAsport in early December 2017, Kalaitzidis accused players of accepting amounts of money in order to concede four or five goals on purpose, going on to reveal that he knows which faces have been directly involved in the match rigging attempts. Kalaitzidis stated his wish to speak to a sports attorney, something which was granted.

When speaking to an attorney in Thessaloniki, Kalaitzidis gave information revealing which teams regularly try to fix Football League games, in particular pointing the finger at 12th placed Aiginiakos. “Aiginiakos owner Giannis Niopas told me that if we don’t fix matches, we will not be able to succeed in the league,” expressed Kalaitzidis. “He suggested that we give money to win matches, and that teams in this particular group will do everything to make life difficult for our direct competitors. Mr. Niopas told me that these clubs are Aiginiakos, Panserraikos, Veria, Acharnaikos and Sparti.”

“Giannis Niopas told me that he has five Aiginiakos players in his team which have taken money from the opposing team for a number of years, while he makes sure that they bet on the match. They then multiply the money, because the two teams agree on a score which allows the opponent to win the bet too.” Kalaitzidis then said that Aiginiakos lost certain matches by a convincing score, in return earning more money. “Giannis Niopas admitted that he was deliberately fixing matches, also saying that he received 25,000 euros for Aiginiakos’ 0:5 defeat against Aris (28-10-2017) because there was a bet for his club to lose by four or more goals. However, he said that the players fixed the match, not him. He also said that Aiginiakos put in a poor performance against OFI (0:6) due to betting.”

Aiginiakos president Giannis Niopas is yet to respond to the allegations being made in his direction, however the situation certainly threatens to turn into a real scandal which Greek football could do without. Kalaitzidis’ Apollon Pontou occupy 9th position in the Football League with 15 points after 11 fixtures.

by Shaun Nicolaides
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