Apollon Survive in Irakleio

Apollon Survive in Irakleio

Apollon Smyrnis remained undefeated in this year’s Greek Football League after walking away with a 1-1 draw in a tough road fixture away to OFI in Irakleio.

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After a goalless first half, OFI opened the scoring in the 54th minute when Manos scuffled the ball into the net for the home side. However, in the 84th minute a very controversial penalty  was awarded to Apollon Smyrnis and Siatravannis made no mistake from the spot to give his side a very important draw in a tough away test. 

The result keeps Apollon Smyrnis undefeated in the Football League and they are now only THREE wins away from clinching promotion to next year’s SuperLeague. OFI did not take advantage of their final chance to contest promotion as they sit in fourth place, 10 points behind second placed Lamia (play tomorrow away to Acharnaikos). 


Image Source: sportfm.gr
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