Araujo: “I Want To Stay With… My Love”

Araujo “I Want To Stay With… My Love”

by Greg Gavalas

It’s been coming for some time but AEK’s new star up front Sergio Araujo has come out and stated he is loving his time with AEK and wants to stay with the club, further to that he has also admitted to be sad with the fact that he has to return to Las Palmas in Spain and will do all he can to return to Athens.

This comes after AEK returns to the UEFA Champions League after 10 years; AEK will of course fall in the 3rd round of qualification (unseeded) after topping the Greek Playoffs which has brought much excitement to the clubs players, officials, and fans.

Following the 2-1 win over Panionios fans flocked to the team’s hotel and could not help but express their love and excitement for the golden scorer at Nea Smyrni, Araujo.

Fans expressed their feeling with a message for the Argentine striker “We thank you for everything. We wish our love for you could transform to the funds needed to pay you to stay. We wish you can stay and you can make our hearts beat with excitement. You have not lived anything this season, with what you will experience in the new season.”

Araujo was visibly touched by the message and number of fans in attendance, he responded by saying he will do all he can to stay “Thank you for everything you have done for me. I will do everything I can to say, you have my word.” 

A short time before this at the Panionios Stadium (Nea Smyrni) after celebrating the winning goal with coach Manolo Jimenez, he expressed his feelings for AEK who have made him feel great as a person, his passion to come back and he has vowed to do everything with his father to speak with the president at Las Palmas to have him stay in Greece next season and help the team.

Araujo’s comments
“I feel weird, I am obviously happy with the goal I scored, an important goal for the team which will see them play in Champions League qualifiers, but I am sad because today, 5 months of happiness and success comes to an end in Greece with AEK. I am in love with the team and the city, I really hope I can come back here, I feel weird, so happy but so sad at the same time.

Along with my dad I will do all we can to return, but the president at Las Palmas did say to me, he awaits my return to his team. I am thus sad as I have to leave Athens tomorrow.

I want to thank Mr. Jimenez, he expressed to me that he wants me to stay, I have also spoken with the AEK President who also wants to have me in Athens next season. I owe a lot to the coach (Jimenez) because after 1.5 years where I did not play much, in 5 months he have me the opportunity to prove myself and I showed I can help a team.

What I lived here was nice, I worked hard with my teammates and we all worked well together, today we were all so happy with our success, we had challenges at times but we soldiered on. I will actually be sad if I do return and even if one of these guys is not here, I owe a lot to these team mates.”

It awaits to be seen of Araujo will be at AEK next season, one thing is for sure, everyone connected with the club wants it, as does the player himself. It’s now time for Dimitris Melissandis to make it happen.

by Greg Gavalas
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