Aris make changes to logo

Aris make changes to logo

Aris FC released the club’s new and updated logo that will be used from here on out in all competitions. 

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The new logo is similar to the club’s old logo with some key, distinct differences. The main difference sits with the placement of the name “Aris” as the club’s name now appears on the top side of the logo as opposed to the bottom side of the logo. The “F.C” is now solely found at the bottom portion of the logo. 

Another difference is the emphasis on the meander artwork that is aligned horizontally across the center portion of the logo. The meander is now seen in a bolder and darker form. 

The main components of the logo remained the same with the Greek god of war, Aris, captivating the majority of the logo. Of course, the team’s colors also remained the same with the classic yellow and black forming the colors of the logo. 

The new logo was released on Monday along with the club’s 2017/18 season tickets. This updated logo, which has an English and Greek version, will be the club’s logo from now on in all competitions. The “Greek” version will be used for domestic competitions while the “English” version will be used in continental and international competitions (Europa League, Champions League, etc.).

A reminder, Aris will compete in next season’s SuperLeague after gaining promotion from the Football League.






by Sarantos Kaperonis
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