Basket League reduces teams to 12

Basket League reduces teams to 12

ESAKE’s board of directors have decided to reduce the number of teams competing in the Basket League due to the lack of competitiveness in the league. The 2018/19 Basket League will be conducted with 13 teams and will be reduced to 12 teams for the 2019/20 season. 

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In order to increase the competitiveness and interest of the Greek Basket League, the ESAKE’s Board of Directors decided to reduce the number of teams that will partake in the Greek first division. This decision will also help the teams that participate in European competitions (Euroleague, FIBA Champions League) as the reduction in matches will result in less player fatigue and injuries.  

The reduction in the number of teams from 14 to 12 will take place gradually over two seasons. The upcoming 2017/18 season will be conducted as normal with 14 teams, however for the 2018/19 season, the league will have 13 teams. For the 2019/20 season, only 12 teams will compete in the Greek first division. For the next two seasons, only one team will be promoted from the A2 league for the next two seasons, while two teams will be relegated from the Basket League each season. 

Finally, Galatsopoulos’ (president of Board of Directors) other proposed changes were unanimously approved in an attempt to upgrade the league. ESAKE have decided to make important changes in the league’s structure with hopes of providing a more attractive league for the fans. Amongst the first changes, is the creation of a U20 League and the return of the All Star Game. Moreover, fan violence is another problem that will be dealt with as it turns people away from the sport. As a result, more strict measures are expected to be taken in the near future.

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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