Berg: “Al Ain is a step up for me”

Berg: “Al Ain is a step up for me”

Marcus Berg stated that his move to Al Ain was a step up in his career.

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Marcus Berg proceeded with some controversial and to some, provocative, statements on Wednesday. The former Panathinaikos player stated that his move to Al Ain was a step up in his career from the Athenian club and that he is excited to play in the Asian Champions League. 

Of course these comments did not go unnoticed as he compared a club with the prestige of Panathinaikos to one in the United Arab Emirates and the likes of Al Ain. He did say, however, that he respects the Trifylli and that the team will always remain in his heart. 

Berg first talked about his stay at Panathinaikos: “I don't want to mention details out of respect to Panathinaikos. The club is in my heart. There were some things that happened, but I leave those things behind and only keep my positive experiences with the club.” 

He then went on to talk about his new club: “For me, Al Ain is a step up. With all respect to Panathinaikos and the Greek Superleague, there are some strong teams and games, but you are also matched up with weak team. To be honest, I didn't know much about Asian football, but here at Al Ain, we are looking at the quarterfinals of the Asian Champions League and that must be something beautiful to partake in.”

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