Big-4 propose Superleague without playoffs

Big-4 propose Superleague without playoffs

Greece’s Big-4 have proposed the cancellation of the Superleague’s postseason playoffs. Despite Nova’s objections, the Big-4 have brought to the table a proposal that not only is against deciding the Superleague champion via the playoffs, but abolishing the playoffs as a whole.

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In the Superleague’s Board of Directors meeting back on March 29th, major formatting changes had been voted on and passed for the Greek Superleague in hopes of bringing more interest to the league. The two major decisions included that the league champion will be decided via the playoffs rather than the regular season and a reduction in the number of teams from 16 to 14, using a playout system to decide which teams will be relegated. The reduction in the number of teams would be implemented by the 2018/19 season.

However, yesterday, both AEK and PAOK lodged a proposal that suggests cancelling the playoffs as a whole. The major reasoning behind the proposal was that the playoff system results in lots of fatigue in the players, especially in a season where the 2018 World Cup will take place in Russia next summer. 

Both Olympiacos and Panathinaikos seemed in favor of AEK’s and PAOK’s proposal with Olympiacos’ Vice President, Savvas Theodoridis, stating that the club is against decision the league champion via the playoffs.

Action is expected to be taken by the Big-4 in the near future and PAOK’s vice president, Makis Gagatsis, stated that everything will be decided in the next Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday. 

Nova clearly objects these changes as they see that the playoffs are a must to keep interest in the Greek Superleague. Everything will be up to the Superleague’s official broadcaster (Nova) when their representatives meet with the Big-4 on Monday. 

One thing is certain, the Superleague kicks off in one month and we still do not know the league’s format for the new season. How will the champion be decided? WIll there be playoffs? How many teams will be in the playoffs? How many teams will be relegated? Who will televise the league? Lots to decide in 30 days...

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