Bosnian and Greek Federation Exchange Statements

Bosnian and Greek Federations Exchange Statements

Both the Bosnian and Greek Federations exchanged statements following the events that marred the match between the two national teams.

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Following the end of the game, the Bosnian Federation released an announcement in an effort to present themselves as the victims of the situation. As a reminder, the two sides were apart of a post game scuffle which resulted in an injury to Giannis Gianniotas, who lost two teeth. Moreover, Bosnian fans attacked Greek fans in the stands which included members of Greece’s official fan club, the “Galanolefkos Faros.”
In a lengthy statement, the Bosnian Federation overlooked the assault on the Greek fans and apologized for Gianniotas’ injury. The Bosnian Federation accused the Greek National team of an aggressive style of play which led to two injured Bosnian players. As for the events following the referee’s final whistle, the Bosnians claimed that these incidents came as a result of what started in Athens last November. Furthermore, they went on to put the blame on Kostas Manolas for his provocative behaviour towards the fans. Although their statement concluded by criticizing Stefan Zili’s behaviour, who will certainly be punished, they claimed that both the players and technical team reacted instinctively to the Greek provocations.
The Greek Federation answered back to the Bosnian Federation’s statement in an effort to  bring peace to the situation. According to the Greek Federation’s announcement, the Bosnians presented themselves as the “victims” instead of the offenders in their official statement. The existing video is enough to prove them wrong. EPO’s statement made it clear that Bosnia’s apology for the assault on Gianniotas is accepted, however it emphasized that no player or member of the Greek National team provoked these actions and they should not be blamed for these shameful acts. The statement mentioned that Greece’s internationals have been keen supporters of fair play throughout their careers and no one can deny that. Moreover, the fact that Bosnian fans showed disrespect during our national anthem shows that their intentions were clearly not good, even before kick off.  

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
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