Dabizas Set to Join as Technical Director, Essien Gets Paid

Dabizas Set to Join as Technical Director, Essien Gets Paid

Nikos Dabizas is closer than ever to rejoining Panathinaikos as technical director, three and a half years after initially leaving. Dabizas gave Giannis Alafouzos the final “yes” following their latest meeting. He has accepted the conditions and incoming owner Pairoj Piempongsant will not stop the move.

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Piempongsant has given the “green light” as he knows the significance of needing someone to act as a middleman between the playing group and administration during a takeover, especially when the risk of players appealing to leave is still hovering around. Dabizas is experienced in Greek football and knows Panathinaikos incredibly well due to his previous time at the club.

If the impending takeover happens, Piempongsant will employ someone else to work in conjunction with Dabizas in a similar role as “Pan Asia’s representative”. The EPO will meet on the 23rd of May to change the punishments for failing to obtain a licence so that means Panathinaikos needs to act swiftly to tie down its current players. This is where Dabizas will be vital as he wants to ensure the Greens remain competitive next season in spite of the previously reported punishments.

Christos Donis will shortly agree on a 2 year extension for a rumoured 170,000 Euro per season following talks with Vasilis Konstantinou, however, talks to keep Robin Lod have stalled. The Finnish midfielder wants to stay but also wants his pay doubled. Naturally this is something any club in a financial crisis will struggle to meet. As a result, AEK are monitoring the situation and are keen on luring another Panathinaikos player, just like Niklas Hult in January. The Enosi will reportedly make their move for the player within the next 4-5 days. He has previously attracted an interest from several European clubs. 

A growing number of players appear to be skeptical of agreeing to new deals as they are yet to be paid their December and February installments. They are consequently considering recourse if these installments are not paid directly to them. None of this seems to phase Dabizas.

In other news, the club has paid former player Michael Essien every cent of what he was owed. This is has resulted in the 3 points (that were deducted for next season earlier in the week) have now been returned as a fresh disaster of relegation has been avoided. The amount is rumoured to be 35,000 Euro in relation to the remainder of his February installment and all of the March installment. Essien has reportedly already filed for his April installment that has not been paid.

by Nick Tsambouniaris
Image Source: to10.gr
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