Despite Poor Campaign, Olympiacos Set To Rake In UCL Riches

Despite Poor Campaign, Olympiacos Set To Rake In UCL Riches

Olympiacos may have recorded the worst Champions’ League Group Stage points total in history for Greek clubs, but the club will still cash in this season.

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The Greek champions are set for a lucrative payout for being a part of the competition this season despite their poor campaign, which saw them pick up only one point in six matches.

The Erythrolefki are set to rake in €31,334,000 at minimum for Champions’ League related monies for the 2017/18 season. That will fall short of the all-time record of funds a Greek side took home for one season. Olympiacos hold that record from two years ago when they earned €32,958,000.

This season, Olympiacos picked up €2 million for qualifying for the Champions’ League playoffs. Then, after winning that playoff home-and-away against Rijeka, the club advanced to the Group Stage of the Champions’ League where they instantly were given €12.7 million. €500,000 were earned with the home draw against Barcelona, while the rest of the money will come from the market pool. Olympiacos should expect somewhere over €16 million from the market pool. 

Extra income from Champions’ League participation will come from ticket sales as well as commercial opportunities and sponsorships connected to the competition. 

by George Tsitsonis
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