Different Super League formats on the table, Batagiannis resigns from presidency

Different Super League formats on the table, Batagiannis resigns from presidency

Different formats are being discussed for the new Super League competition while the president of the Super League, Vaggelis Batagiannis, resigned from his position on Wednesday.

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On Monday, the new Greek football structure was approved with three professional leagues including the Super League (first tier with 14 teams), the Super League 2 (second tier with 12 teams), and the Football League (third tier with 14 teams). However, the format of these three leagues have yet to be decided on as the decrease in number of teams in each respective league leaves the season with no more than 26 rounds (and 22 in the Super League 2) if the current format is followed (each team plays the other in home and away fixture).

According to gazzetta.gr, two formats are being considered for the Super League to increase the amount of games. One includes a format with three rounds and the other includes a playoff and playout system after the conclusion of the regular season.

The three round format was proposed by AEK;s Minas Lysandrou earlier in the year. This includes a full first and third round, which will see each team play against the others in home and away fixtures, and between the two rounds, a second round will take place from December to January.

The second round will include two groups of seven teams each. Group 1 will include teams ranked in odd numbers after the conclusion of the first round (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc) and Group 2 will include teams ranked in even numbers at the conclusion of the first round (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, etc.). Teams will play one match against the other teams within their respective group and the hosts for each match will be decided with a particular method (ex. the group leaders will play at home against the teams ranked X, Y, Z in the group).

The points from round one will carry over to round two and the points from round two will carry over to round three. This will allow for 32 rounds in the league season, which will keep both the clubs and the broadcasting companies (Nova and ERT) content.

The other option is the playoff and playout format at the end of the regular season. In this scenario, a full 26 rounds will be played (each team will play the others in home and away fixtures) and at the conclusion of this first stage, teams will be separated into playoff and playout groups. The champion and European places will be decided in the playoff group while the playouts will determine who is relegated to the Super League 2.

Both formats are still in the preliminary phase and more developments and possibly more proposals will be discussed at Tuesday’s Super League Board of Directors meeting.  

Super League president Vaggelis Batagiannis resigns

The Super League president, Vaggelis Batagiannis, announced his resignation from the position on Wednesday, due to personal matters. He mentioned that he simply cannot dedicate the time to help solve the increased problems that surround the league. The current Vice President of Olympiacos took the position ten months ago as the successor of Georgios Stratou. Panionios President Christos Daras will be the interim president until a new president is elected on Tuesday.

Minas Lysandrou is the favorite to be elected the Super League’s new president. The AEK Vice President, who is AEK’s nominee for the job, is looked as a good choice for the position and one that will be agreed upon by the clubs’ representatives. He is regarding as one of the most up-and-coming faces of Greek football with many talents, ideas, and abilities to lead Greek football into a more ‘modern’ approach. Lysandrou proposed the Super League format mention above with three rounds and is highly regarded by Deputy Minister of Sport Giorgos Vasiliadis.

That being said, PAOK were set to back Atromitos’ Katia Koxenoglou, who is a possible nominee for the position, as the club feels that the new president should not be affiliated with one of the big-four clubs and the she would represent all teams in the league. However, with Lysandrou of AEK accepting the nomination, PAOK could very well nominate their very own Makis Gagatsis to run against Lysandrou. Makis Gagatsis is the son of former Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) president, Vassilis Gagatsis, who has been involved in various scandals with the federation. More developments regarding the new Super League president are expected in the next 48 hours.

The new president will have many issues to tackle including the format of the new Super League with 14 teams, the inclusion of Video Assistant Referee (VAR), and the multiple concerns of Herbert Hubel, who is the chairman of the FIFA Monitoring Committee for Greek football.


by Sarantos Kaperonis

Image Source: to10.gr

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