EOK to make announcement about Antetokounmpo situation after Eurobasket

EOK to make announcement about Antetokounmpo situation after Eurobasket

The Hellenic Basketball Federation (EOK) accused the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA of forcing the Greek Freak to announce his absence from the upcoming Eurobasket. EOK is expected to release their findings and evidence after the Eurobasket tournament. 

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The Hellenic Basketball Federation (EOK) is certain that there is no evident injury behind Giannis’ absence from the upcoming Eurobasket tournament. After Antetokounmpo announced his decision to miss the European championships, EOK quickly put the blame on the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA, accusing the two of a planned agenda. However, both the NBA and the Milwaukee Bucks denied the Federation’s accusations in a recent statement.

Sources from the Hellenic Basketball Federation stated that the results of Giannis’ MRI do not justify his absence, but instead the Bucks put pressure on the player, forcing him to withdraw from the tournament. However, Gianni’s decision to announce his absence via Instagram was not welcomed by EOK, as he should have contacted either the Federation or coach Missas of his decision before posting on social media.

The Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA followed these allegations with a statement which accused  the Hellenic Basketball Federation of making false claims. They stated that Giannis’ injury is more than evident and that they have followed the rules and regulations of the agreement between the NBA and FIBA during this situation.

One thing remains certain, this battle between EOK, the NBA, and the Bucks is not over yet. The Federation will present facts in order to prove the accuracy of their original claims and will likely be done after the Eurobasket.

The Greek Freak, who is extremely disappointed that he will miss the Eurobasket, attended Greece’s first game at the Acropolis tournament (following his return from China) and bid farewell to the coaching staff and his teammates. His next stop is Milwaukee, where he will start physical therapy in order to recover from his injury.

by Dimitris Spiridakos
Image Source: sportfm.gr
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