EPO Used Secret Cameras To Record National Team Players & Coaches

EPO Used Secret Cameras To Record National Team Players & Coaches

The current Hellenic Football Federation released shocking details about hidden cameras installed by the former administration to keep an eye on its employees, players, and coaches. 

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The latest findings of the temporary Hellenic Football Federation (EPO), left behind by the former Girtzikis administration, are shocking to say the least. Illegal recording hardware, underground facilities, integrated cameras, and microphones that allow direct audio and video monitoring of the Agios Kosmas training facilities and Goudi park were some of the shocking findings released by the current Federation. 

According to the press release, there was recording hardware intended to monitor the Federation’s employees, as well as the National Team players and coaching staff. According to “Live Sport”, several players felt offended by this scandal and contacted the Federation asking for explanations. 

The players are in search of a way to react, as they are worried about what could have be recorded, since it is very possible that private conversations have been recorded or that pictures or videos of them even naked might exist.  For the time being, no decision has been made on what (or if) actions will be taken, although filing lawsuits against the people behind this scandal (the former administration) could be very likely.

In EPO’s defense, an executive of the security company that installed the hidden cameras, stated that these cameras were installed 4 years ago, when Fernando Santos was the head coach of the Greek National Team. 

The main reason for the cameras was the fact that every week, the alarm would go off and locks would be broken as burglars tried to breach into the locker rooms. In addition, refugees that live in the surrounding areas of the training center used the field’s showers which also sparked the decision to install the cameras. 

Yet, nobody had informed either the players or the head coaches (Santos, Ranieri, Tsanas, Markarian and Skibbe) that everything was being recorded. Suspicious to say the least…

The Girtzikis administration faces and faced multiple scandals during their reign resulting in their removement from the federation. Currently, a temporary administration is in place before the EPO elections take place on a date to be announced. 

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
Source: sdna.gr
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