Foreign Coach and 6 Starting XI Transfers

Foreign Coach and 6 Starting XI Transfers

Olympiacos are in the process of planning for the new season and according to Live Sport the club will hand the keys over to a foreign coach and make at least 6 starting XI transfers during the off-season.

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Big changes are expected during this off-season at Olympiacos with the club admitting that many mistakes were made last year in regards to new coaches and players joining the team. The administration has learned from their mistakes and are ready to make good decisions this summer to improve the overall team’s performance.

First and foremost will be the signing of a foreign coach with known value and experience that will take charge of the team and lead them through the next season. The club is looking to sign the coach early in the off-season, preferably May, so he has ample time to plan out for the new season. The Erythrolefki are scouting coaches from the Iberian peninsula but also from France, however nothing is clear at this point. One thing that is certain is that Takis Lemonis will leave his position at the end of this season (as expected when he took on the club last month).

From there, big changes will be made to the team’s roster. Without taking into account both Spyros Risvanis and Manolis Siopis, who will join the team from Panionios at the end of the season, Olympiacos will make at least 6 starting XI signings. This will include one striker of class, two wingers, one stopper, one left back, and one defensive midfielder.

Many players are expected to leave the roster as many did not produce what was expected of them. Surely Leali and Cardozo will not continue in Piraeus while big questions surround da Costa, Cambiasso, Dominguez, and Marin. Many players are on loan and the new coach will decide their future with the club. The new manager will also have to decide about Dimitris Siovas, Giannis Gianniotas, and Konstantinos Laifis who are on loan in Spain, Cyprus, and Belgium and have had a great season with their respective clubs.

Source: Livesport
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