Former Croatian footballer Blazevic belittles Greece with provocative comments

Former Croatian footballer Blazevic belittles Greece with provocative comments

Former Croatian footballer Miroslav “Ciro” Blazevic stated that Croatia has nothing to fear against Greece in the upcoming World Cup qualifying playoffs and that the Croatians will cruise past the Greeks to qualify for the World Cup.

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After Tuesday’s European playoff draw, Miroslav “Ciro” Blazevic belittled the Greek national team and seemed absolutely sure of Croatia’s place in the 2018 World Cup Finals. The former Croatian football stated after the draw:

“Which Greece? We have nothing to fear. Zlatko Dalic was my student and he knows how to play against the Greeks. If I am optimistic? Of course I am optimistic. I have never lost to the Greeks and I defeated them during the most difficult turning point of my life: the 1998 World Cup qualifiers. I defeated them in the hellish environment in Thessaloniki with that goal from Suker.

Why do you think the Greeks are tough opponents? Look at their FIFA ranking. Look at where they are and where we are. So what if you all say we have not defeated them many times in the past. It is time to stop these traditions. It is simple. We are way better and we will qualify. We will go to Russia at the expense of Greece.

To say it metaphorically...First we must decide at how many goals we will stop at against the Greeks and then come and play both legs. We will destroy the Greeks on the pitch. If we think that we can lose to Greece, it would be better if we stopped playing football all together. We are the undisputed favorites, we are much better on all fronts, and everything depends on us. 

These comments came after the Croatian media characterized their national team's draw with the Greek team as a very difficult path to the 2018 World Cup in Russia


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