Fortounis And Veterans Spark Olympiacos Soul-Searching

Fortounis And Veterans Spark Olympiacos Soul-Searching

After Olympiacos’ derby defeat to Panathinaikos at the weekend, the club was back in crisis mode. The loss to their bitter rivals drove home once again that Olympiacos need to find their footing this campaign before the season begins to dangerously slip away.

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It seems as though Kostas Fortounis took it upon himself to lead this team into the next phase of the season. On Sunday, Fortounis gathered the team at their Rendi training ground to hold clear-the-air talks about the club’s disastrous form. Fortounis along with other Olympiacos leaders such as Alberto Botia and Alaixys Romao addressed the group. 

Fortounis is reported to have said the following to the group:

“This is not a reflection of Olympiacos and this cannot be allowed to continue. The supporters are firmly right for all their complaints about us, our play on the pitch and our awful results. We have to all be a fist, figure what the problem is so that we can fix it and become the team deserving of being called Olympiacos.”

Whether or not the words of Fortounis will have the desired effect or not remains to be seen. Certainly, things have become so bad as far as results go that the players have vowed to take it upon themselves to address the situation and ensure they are stronger going forward. Time will tell whether this soul-searching sparked by the Panathinaikos defeat and led by Fortounis can help Olympiacos regain their edge and find the consistency they need going forward.

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