Fountoulis leaves Olympiacos for Ferencváros

Fountoulis leaves Olympiacos for Ferencváros

Ioannis Fountoulis will continue his career in Hungary with Ferencváros after a 10-year stay with Olympiacos.

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Greek water polo legend, Ioannis Fountoulis, has signed with Hungarian side Ferencváros bringing an end to his 10-year stay with giants Olmypiacos. The Greece captain enjoy an extremely successful campaign in Piraeus as he celebrated 19 titles across all competitions, including nine Greek A1 league titles, eight Greek Cups, one Greek Super Cup, and one LEN Champions League triumph. Ironically, his new side, Ferencváros, defeated Olympiacos in the final of this year’s LEN Champions League.

Fountoulis will captain Greece at the upcoming FINA Water Polo World Championships.

Olympiacos released a statement announcing Fountoulis’ departure:

“Olympiacos S.F.P announces to our club’s fans, that Ioannis Fountoulis will be departing from our men’s water polo team after 10 years of an absolute successful stay.

Respecting the athlete's desire to continue his career abroad, we wish him the best in his career and thank him for his contribution to the club.”

Fountoulis also released a statement after his departure was made official

“It is a very different day for me, since I made the decision to leave the team I love, my friends, and my teammates, with whom I have accomplished so many great things with. In the end, as my friend Jozip said, that is what makes me feel so great, what I accomplished with my friends.

A big thank you to Mr. Marinakis, to president Mr. Kountouris, who have done so much for the team. Since 2011, they acquired a club that was on the verge of dissolution and managed to make it the best in Europe.

A big thank you to Thodoris Vlachos who was by my side in many roles, not only as a coach, and helped me evolve to reach this level. Thodore, just look at where we started and what we did…

A big thank you to Olympiacos as a club which helped me make my dreams a reality. I worked very hard for these things, but Olympiacos created these conditions to achieve what I achieved.

And finally a huge thank you to the Olympiacos fans, because they are the reason why the club is at the top and they need to know that this team will always play for them.

I know what I am leaving behind, how many important people and things, but I feel that I will not have the opportunity to do what I love for many more years.

I was hoping to do this as a European Champion, but life does not always go the way you want."


Image Source: TO10.GR

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