Giannakopoulos preparing improved bid for Panathinaikos FC

Giannakopoulos preparing improved bid for Panathinaikos FC

With the Athens Alive project approved by the Greek government, fiery businessman Dimitris Giannakopoulos is preparing another bid to become the major shareholder in Panathinaikos FC.

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Giannakopoulos, known for his short temper and fair share of scandals in the basketball Euroleague as owner of Panathinaikos BC, is aiming to come in at the last minute and prevent Thai millionaire Pairoj Piempongsant from taking over the Greens’ football club. Panathinaikos’ outgoing supremo Giannis Alafouzos has already shaken hands with Piempongsant concerning the latter’s projected bid to grab the reins, but Giannakopoulos is remaining defiant in his efforts to take the football team under his control, putting together a new offer to Alafouzos of 35 million euros. 

In a huge boost to his chances of purchasing Panathinaikos FC from Alafouzos, the 43-year old Giannakopoulos recently received the green light from the Greek government for his Athens Alive project. As a part of the plan, the facilities at the OAKA complex will be completely renovated, in order creating improved sporting conditions and a higher quality of life for residents of the Attica region. According to reports from Greece, the atmosphere between Giannakopoulos and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was positive when the two held a meeting and the project will now be implemented.

Taking into account the go-ahead for Athens Alive, Alafouzos will have to take Giannakopoulos’ possible bid for Panathinaikos FC into the equation, despite having met with Piempongsant in the Greek capital and virtually closed the door to other options. 

by Shaun Nicolaides
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