Giannakopoulos Takes Over Panathinaikos Amateur Department

Giannakopoulos Takes Over Panathinaikos Amateur Department

Dimitris Giannakopoulos has officially taken over the debt-stricken Amateur club of Panathinaikos after a landslide victory in Friday’s elections.

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Clear Winner at Election

Dimitris Giannakopoulos has officially taken over the debt-stricken Amateur Department of Panathinaikos. The fearless leader of the Basketball side ran unopposed in the election and as a result, managed to obtain a whopping 211 votes out of 217, allowing him to take control.

This now means virtually all of the Panathinaikos club is under the leadership of Giannakopoulos, except for the Football Club, which he has tirelessly tried to take as well. The first meeting between the newly elected Board of Directors will take place on Monday, even though Giannakopoulos made his plans clear after the election on Friday. He wants to return the struggling Amateur Departments to its former glories. After the first year the aim is to be at a professional level and eventually become the champions in all sports such as water polo and volleyball, among others.

Giannakopoulos stated he would pay all existing debts owed to the public sector on Monday. He was also given a glowing endorsement by uncle Thanasis Giannakopoulos, who declared his nephew has “big dreams” about the future of the Panathinaikos Amatuer Department.

Debts Estimated at 3.5 Million Euro

Following the sweeping victory at the election, Giannakopoulos stated in his speech that the debts for the Amateur Department sit around 3.5 million Euro, but according to the man himself, it is only an initial estimate. Giannakopoulos also revealed the Football Club has been left with a debt of 611,000 Euro which needs to be repaid to the Amatuer Department over a 5 year period on a monthly basis (60 installments), with no interest.

Furthermore, Giannakopoulos spoke about various other pressing Panathinaikos-related issues in his speech. In relation to the ‘Athens Alive OAKA’ project, he said “Panathinaikos needs to have a common home for all sports”, which will ultimately lead to Panathinaikos being “self-funded”.
Additionally, he stated the meetings with Alexis Tsipras have been intentionally kept away from the public domain, and “When there are any major developments, they will be made public”. Behind the scenes work in relation to the necessary construction for the central home has begun, as contact has been made with prospective partners for the Government to see. This project will always operate within the framework of legality. Finally, he is happy with Game 2 of the Basketball Finals Series and believes that Panathinaikos “will play even better in the third game”.

Feud with Football Club

Panathinaikos FC issued a statement in relation to the aforementioned debt owed to the Amatuer Department that has arisen from leasing Leoforos. The statement claims that Giannakopoulos has been “misinformed” about the issue following his speech after the election. The Football Club statement also went on to say “The reality is that Panathinaikos FC has rented the space from 2013 and has given more than 500,000 Euro a year to the Amatuer Department to use the Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium”.

Giannakopoulos has responded to this statement in a typically scathing manner, attacking on the front foot. His counter-attacking statement read “Some people are already in panic instead of saying congratulations. It seems they did not like my unifying speech”. He also spoke about the Panathinaikos Alliance and the tricks that have taken place making it less expensive for tickets than what the law expressly provides. He is still adamant the amount is 500,000 Euro, not 250,000 as claimed by the Football Club. He ended his statement by saying the “Amateur Department will retrospectively claim what is attributable to it by law”.


by Nick Tsambouniaris

Image Source: sdna.gr

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