Gillet’s impressive 10-season streak

Gillet’s impressive 10-season streak

Earlier this week, Olympiacos announced the signing of 33-year old Guillaume Gillet and looks at his impressive 10-year streak in Belgium and France.

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The Erythrolefki were in search of a tall midfielder and coach Besnik Hasi put Guillaume Gillet at the top of the list. The club’s administration did Hasi yet another favor this off-season, signing the Belgian defensive midfielder, who can also play right back. 

Although Hasi’s persistence to sign the 33-year old player left many Olympiacos fans in shock, the statistics speak themselves. Last year, Gillet made 38 appearances in the French Ligue 1 with Nantes, of which 36 were for the full 90 minutes. In addition, Gillet holds an impressive 10-season streak where he has made at least 32 league appearances each season. If both Cup and European matches are included that brings Gillet’s average to 45 games per season. Below is Gillett’s statistics since the 2007/08 season.

2007-08 Genk+Anderlecht 33 appearances (all starting XI)
2008-09 Anderlecht 33 appearances (all starting XI)
2009-10 Anderlecht 38 appearances (35 starting XI)
2010-11 Anderlecht 39 appearances (all starting XI)
2011-12 Anderlecht 37 appearances (34 starting XI)
2012-13 Anderlecht 32 appearances (all starting XI)
2013-14 Anderlecht 33 appearances (27 all starting XI)
2014-15 Bastia 38 appearances (37 starting XI)
2015-16 Anderlecht+Nantes 38 appearances (all starting XI)
2016-17 Nantes 38 appearances (all starting XI) 

Although Gillet comes to Olympiacos as a personal coach of Besnik Hasi, he will have to fight for a place in the starting XI as the Superleague champions have multiple players in his position including Romao, Tachtsidis, Siopis, Zdjelar, and Martins. As a reminder, Gillet was included in the roster to UEFA for the upcoming matches against Rijeka in Champions League qualifying.

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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