Giorgos Kominis’ controversial referee report

Giorgos Kominis’ controversial referee report

Referee George Kominis was a central figure in the shameful events in Thessaloniki which caused the PAOK-AEK derby to be abandoned, and it looks like he will remain that way after the contents of his match report was revealed.

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Kominis explicitly states on his match report that he decided to call the players off the pitch due to the “violent entry onto the pitch” of PAOK owner Ivan Savvides, as well as because of the threatening comments made to his person by PAOK sporting director Lubos Michel.

In the statement written in the report, the Greek whistler stated that “the situation that prevailed prevented the smooth running of the match”.

Obviously this opens a huge can of worms in terms of possible punishments for PAOK, with some truly unprecedented events taking place which shamed Greek football once again at home and abroad.

However, at the same time Kominis added that AEK officials informed him the players were terrified and thus unable to return to the pitch when requested, and also said that the match was interrupted with the score 1-0 in favor of PAOK, with him deciding to reverse his decision to cancel the goal for offside after consultation with his assistant referees.

A sceptical view might suggest that Kominis was trying his best to be diplomatic, given the gravity of the situation on his hands. In any case, the exact text of the report which refers to the controversial “goal” by Fernando Varela is here in all its glory:

“In the 89th minute of the match, after the goal scored by the home team, I first raised my hand indicating a offside offense, and after consulting my assistant to confirm if the goal was valid or not (i.e. offside or not) I decided to award it. Before I announced my decision, Mr. Ivan Savidis came in on the pitch in an aggressive and violent manner with his personal security escort and asked his players to leave the pitch. Then he headed to AEK representative Vassilis Dimitriadis, whom he threatened violently.” 

Kominis continued: “At the same time, Mr. Lubos Michel, the sporting director of PAOK, approached me threateningly and told me ‘You're finished today’. After these events I decided to go to the dressing room because the situation that prevailed prevented the smooth running of the match. During our stay in the changing rooms, the representative of AEK FC, Minas Lissandrou told me that following the aggressive entry of Mr. Savidis, who was armed, onto the pitch with with his security detail caused fear among the AEK players and that they were unable to go back out on the pitch due to the great tension and insecurity. And that his team’s players were in a terrified state as a result of the above events. Afterwards, I decided to stop the match permanently, informing the team representatives that at that time the score was 1-0 in favor of the home team.”

by Graham Wood
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