Grammenos and Infantino meet to discuss Grexit possibility

Grammenos and Infantino meet to discuss Grexit possibility

With the threat of Grexit hanging over Greek football, Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) president Evangelos Grammenos and FIFA president Gianni Infantino met to discuss the current state of play on Tuesday.

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Following the chaos witnessed during the PAOK - AEK Super League match in Thessaloniki, in which play was abandoned after PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis charged onto the pitch with a gun stored around his waist, the possibility of Greece leaving the FIFA and UEFA organisations has arisen. In March, FIFA representative Herbert Hubel visited Athens to hold a meeting with the EPO, pointing out his serious concerns for Greek football and issuing an official recommendation for the immediate suspension of the EPO from FIFA.

As previously reported on AGONAsport, Grexit will have dire consequences for the country, as both Greek clubs and national teams would be banned from all international and continental competition.

In May, Hubel’s official recommendation for Grexit is set to be handed over to the Council of National Football Federations for assessment. However, on Tuesday, Greek media organisation SDNA exclusively revealed that EPO president Evangelos Grammenos and FIFA boss Gianni Infantino had met to discuss the matter.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Grammenos did his best to convince Infantino that all necessary measures will be taken in order to improve the cleanliness of Greek football, presenting a plan which clearly showed the EPO’s new initiatives to move the Hellenic game to a different level.

Nevertheless, Infantino refused to be drawn into making any promises, revealing his own worries about events recently witnessed in Greece and telling Grammenos that something has to be done, especially given that the disgraceful scenes made headlines all over the world. Infantino will now refer his concerns to the FIFA Committee.

Before the final verdict is made, the EPO will have the opportunity to give its reasons for why Hubel’s recommendation should be rejected.

by Shaun Nicolaides
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