Greece In League C Of New UEFA Nations League

Greece In League C Of New UEFA Nations League

With the European Qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup now complete, UEFA has made official placements for the new UEFA Nations’ League that will begin next year and which will be used as an additional qualifying system for EURO 2020.

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The UEFA Nations’ League is set to replace the traditional qualifying system for the European Championship. For an explanation of the new competition and the qualifying system that will be used, check out this AGONAsport exclusive article. Briefly, the traditional European championship qualifying process will grant 20 places to the EURO 2020 Finals while four more teams will qualify from the UEFA Nations League competition.

Greece have been placed into the third of the four tiers in the new setup as the Ethniki find themselves in League C. They are accompanied by the following teams in that league: Hungary, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Norway, Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania.

The draw that will determine the actual qualifying groups within the leagues will be held on January 24th, when the new UEFA Nations League trophy will also be unveiled. 

In League C, Greece find themselves in Pot 2 alongside Serbia, Albania, and Norway. The setup in League C will be the following:

  • Teams will be split into one group of three and three groups of four. The four group winners are promoted to League B, with the four sides that finish bottom relegated to League D for the 2020 edition.
  • The top four-ranked League C teams (four group winners) that do not qualify for UEFA EURO 2020 via the EURO 2020 qualifying process will enter the play-offs in March 2020, with one EURO 2020 finals place on offer.


Below is a listing of all of the league placements along with the pots the team have been placed in for the December draw.


Pot 1: Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Spain
Pot 2: France, England, Switzerland, Italy
Pot 3: Poland, Iceland, Croatia, Netherlands


Pot 1: Austria, Wales, Russia, Slovakia
Pot 2: Sweden, Ukraine, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pot 3: Northern Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Turkey


Pot 1: Hungary, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia
Pot 2: Greece, Serbia, Albania, Norway
Pot 3: Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland
Pot 4: Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania


Pot 1: Azerbaijan, FYR Macedonia, Belarus, Georgia
Pot 2: Armenia, Latvia, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg
Pot 3: Kazakhstan, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Malta
Pot 4: Andorra, Kosovo, San Marino, Gibraltar

By George Tsitsonis
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