Greek SuperLeague First Half Review (Part 2 of 2)

Greek SuperLeague First Half Review (Part 2 of 2)

AGONAsport’s Greg Gavalas continues his review of the first half of the Greek SuperLeague season in his second of a two part blog series.

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by Greg Gavalas

For many fans it’s with great sadness that we are talking about Panathinaikos from 11th in the table. After finishing last season with so much form and passion, the Prasini were expected to follow through and challenge for a Championship. Even whilst that was some expectation, a dark cloud hovered over the club and how strong the financial situation will look like under Giannis Alafouzos.

Sadly for both parties, the separation came and meant that whilst Alafouzos was providing some financial help for the club, his exist has left the club in limbo.

Without any buyer looking to come along and help the historic Greek club, PAO is running on a very limited budget. This could very well lead to more key players lost in January as many players have not been paid.

On the field it’s all gone pear shaped since the 1-0 win over Olympiakos with 3 loses and 4 draws to show for their efforts. This includes their biggest loss since 1979 (4-0 loss to PAOK) and a further 4-1 demolition at the hands of Lamia in the Cup, to cap off a horrid last two months which has left many question marks for 2018.

Lamia and Panetolikos will be looking to gain some form, 3 wins a piece for both teams hasn’t set the world alight, but both have shown promise, especially Lamia with their gritty 90 minute efforts have scrapped points in many games they looked like losing. The newly promoted club have being inconsistent however are meeting expectation in their first ever season in the First Division.

Panetolikos can play some great attacking football thanks to a very South American style of play with Argentine, Uruguayan and Brazilian players making their marks there, but the team needs to make their defence much tighter if they are going to win more games.

Apollon and Kerkyra look set to battle out for the relegation spot with Platanias who are in last place on just 6 points, Kerkyra is 15th on 11 points.

Both Apollon and Kerkyra have shown promise. Kerkyra’s biggest issues is playing well for 90 minutes, at times the islanders can look great but that lasts for 30 minutes, they concede a goal and then concede more. Apollon on the other hand have shown some great counter attacking football but like Kerkyra, lack the intensity over 90 minutes to win games and it’s no wonder why both clubs have only 2 wins a piece and average well under one goal a game.

It was called out on the AGONAsport preview to the season that Platanias could struggle this season having sold its best players and that is what is happening. One win and 11 straight losses is a horrible record, but encouraging performances in the last two match days against Panionios and PAOK have left some little hope of a recovery.

Overall it’s been a decent season, some good crowds, no real crowd violence issues which is something worth mentioning in Greek Football with some good football and goals.

The four way battle at the top of the league has created much needed interest. Will Olympiakos go on with it and create a gap to the other three? Or will AEK and/or PAOK take it from the dominant force of domestic Greek football the last 20 years. 

Can Atromitos continue their amazing run? Traditionally, the Athenian club finishes just behind the power houses so the challenge is there for the Peristeri team.

Panionios, Asteras Tripolis, and Larisa look like they will have their own battle for the last spot in Europe, for the latter it would be their best season in over 15 years if they can maintain momentum with the other two.

Six teams look to battle out the mid-table merry go round, Levadiakos, Xanthi, PAS Giannina, Panathinaikos, Lamia and Panetolikos – each team has shown some spark and they each have potential to be with the above, equally though, all have shown no consistency and only PAS averages over 1 goal a game.

Apollon, Kerkyra and Platanias are odds on favourites for Football League in 2018/19. Platanias will need a huge change of attacking football, Kerkyra will need good away form whilst Apollon look the most capable of the three to avoid relegation.

Below are some general statistics from the first half of the Greek SuperLeague season.

Most Goals

Olympiakos – 32
PAOK – 24
AEK – 22
Atromitos – 20
Panionios – 19

Goals Conceded

Platanias – 30
Kerkyra – 24
Larisa – 21
Panetolikos – 20
Apollon – 19

Attempts at Goal

AEK – 210
Olympiakos – 192
PAOK – 187
Atromitos – 152
Panetolikos – 139

Goals conversion from attempts

Olympiakos – 6
Asteras Tripolis – 7.1
Panionios – 7.3
Atromitos – 7.6
Larisa – 7.8


Olympiakos – 19
PAOK – 14
Panionios – 13
Atromitos – 13
AEK – 13


Olympiakos – 1051
AEK – 991
PAOK – 951
Panathinaikos – 913
Panionios – 859

Force Mistakes

Panathinaikos – 721
Panionios – 677
Olympiakos – 658
Lamia – 688
Panetolikos – 650

Won turn overs

PAOK – 339
Xanthi – 336
PAS Giannena – 324
Larisa – 310
Kerkyra – 306

Goal Keeper Saves

Lamia – 77
Larisa – 73
Apollon – 72
Panionios – 71
Levadiakos – 70

Fouls Forced

Platanias – 274
Lamia – 269
Panathinaikos – 256
Levadiakos – 252
PAOK – 252

Fouls Received

Lamia – 268
Larisa – 264
Atromitos – 262
Panetolikos – 254
Panionios – 249

Penalties For

Olympiakos – 5
Kerkyra – 5
PAOK – 3

Penalties Given Away

Larisa – 4
Panionios - 3

Yellow Cards

Panetolikos – 63
Panathinaikos – 54
Larisa – 51
Apollon – 50
Lamia – 50

Red Cards

PAOK – 3
AEK – 3
Lamia – 2

Top Scorers

Predro Conde – PAS Giannena – 7
K. Ansarifard – Olympiakos – 7
E. Jendrisek – Xanthi – 6
A. Prijovic - PAOK - 6
K. Fortounis – Olympiakos – 6


by Greg Gavalas

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