Hubel gives warning that Grexit is on the horizon

Hubel gives warning that Grexit is on the horizon

Following the scandal during the PAOK - AEK Super League match on Sunday, chairman of the FIFA Monitoring Committee Herbert Hubel gave a press-conference in Athens explaining the possible consequences awaiting the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO).

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The main talking point focuses on PAOK president Ivan Savvidis, who came charging onto the field of play along with sporting director Lubos Michel after his team had a goal supposedly ruled out for offside in the 90th minute. Photographs taken at the Toumba Stadium clearly displayed a gun stored on Savvidis’ waist.

Yesterday, Savvidis released an official apology on PAOK’s website, but his actions on that fateful night have caused a massive headache for the EPO and all connected with Greek football. Play in the Super League is indefinitely suspended until this matter is dealt with completely.

In connection with the ongoing chaos, FIFA Monitoring Committee chairman Herbert Hubel travelled to Athens on Wednesday in order to speak with the Greek Deputy Sports Minister George Vassiliadis and EPO president Evangelos Grammenos. After their meeting, Hubel held a press conference.

“This behaviour has pushed us to come here to make reccomendations,” stated Hubel at the media briefing. “The measures regarding this incident will be dealt with by those responsible in Greece. However, it is up to FIFA to decide how long these behaviours can be tolerated.

We cannot judge the state’s decision to suspend the championship on the grounds of public security, the ministers made that call based upon the information they had. The aim of football is to win, but not by force with arms, threats and blackmail. Violence must stop so that the championship can start again.”

When asked about the possibility of the EPO leaving FIFA and UEFA as a result of the perennial problems affecting Greek football, Hubel replied: “The Grexit which looked distant is no longer. Greek football reached the edge of the cliff.”

According to Greek media, tension even erupted in the hall, with one particular journalist leaving during the conference. In response to the commotion, Hubel gave a calm but strong reply to the reporter in question. “I don’t want to offend your feelings, but you are an example of what’s wrong with Greek football. Nobody has threatened Greece or Greek football. We are simply giving you a warning of what can happen.”

Image Source: .gr
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