Important EuroLeague changes approved

Important EuroLeague changes approved

Earlier this year, important changes to the EuroLeague were approved for the 2020/2021 season, with the competition set to lose its direct connection with domestic championships.

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In Munich, a key Board of Directors meeting took place in June, in which it was decided to end the link between the EuroLeague and domestic championships. This also means that Olympiacos will be able to continue competing in the EuroLeague despite the fact that the Erythrolefki no longer play in the Basket League in Greece.

Three wildcards will be issued by the EuroLeague instead of using national leagues as a qualifying path for the tournament. The limit concerning the number of clubs per country playing in the EuroLeague will also be removed.

Here is the official statement which was released by the EuroLeague organisation after the meeting in Germany this summer:

“CA Shareholders also approved new EuroLeague Club Licensing Rules to be in force starting with the 2020-21 season. The new rules aim at providing clubs, independently of their territory of origin, with equal and clear opportunities of accessing the competition and opportunities to remain in it, concretely:

Allocating two licenses from the EuroCup competition, for the Champion and Runner-Up.

Substituting Domestic League access by three Associated Annual Wild Cards *.

Removing the maximum limit of clubs per country.

Of the two EuroCup clubs qualifying for the EuroLeague season, the one placed the highest in the standings at the end of that next EuroLeague season will remain in competition for the following season if it has reached the Playoffs **.

Should this happen, access for the following season will be granted only to the EuroCup Champion.

As a result, the eighteen licenses available for 2020-21 will be allocated as follows:

11 Licensed Clubs

2 Associated Wild Cards (ASVEL Villeurbanne, FC Bayern Munich)

2 EuroCup licenses (Champion and Runner-Up)

3 Associated Annual Wild Cards*

Additionally, attendees also agreed on maintaining the obligation of clubs to participate in their respective Domestic Leagues to be able to obtain a EuroLeague/EuroCup license, with exceptions only made by the ECA Shareholders Executive Board after the evaluation of a specific situation that may prevent a club from meeting this requirement.

* Adriatic League Champion to have priority for one of the three annual associated club wild cards due to not having either a licensed nor a multi-year associated club.

** This mechanism will be applied to the current EuroCup Champion (Valencia Basket) and EuroCup Runner-Up (ALBA Berlin) at the end of the 2019-20 season.”


by Shaun Nicolaides

Image Source: to10.gr

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