Informal AEK Jersey Sparks Call to Action on Turkish TV

Informal AEK Jersey Sparks Call to Action on Turkish TV

An informal AEK jersey with Agia Sofia on it sparked a nationalistic conversation and call to action on Turkish TV while they falsely accused the club for “claiming” Agia Sofia.

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A ridiculous conversation took place on Turkish TV in regards to an informal AEK jersey with Agia Sofia on it. The show’s guest, Mustafa Armağan (a Turkish historian), called for the Turkish youth to awaken while the show’s presenter talked about a new era crusade!

The informal AEK jersey was brought up during a conversation about the conversion of Agia Sofia church to a mosque. Somehow Mustafa Armağan connected the AEK shirt, which depicted the historical church without its surrounding minarets but rather with the Holy Cross, with a completely false accusation that AEK FC were claiming Agia Sofia.

Specifically, the Turkish historian said: “They even come out with sport jerseys. When did you see a team of our own, a Turkish team, using Agia Sofia? And there is a cross on top.”

The presenter of the show replied: “So our president (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) is right when saying that this whole thing is a crusade and we all must become aware and take action.” Armağan added to his already exaggerating comments: “Look, Greece does what they want. Why don’t you, Turkish young men, do the same? Why don’t you claim Agia Sofia?”

At no point in the show did either of the two Turkish men mention that the jersey they were referring to was an informal one and not an official kit of AEK.

AEK is in the works of building a new stadium in Nea Philadelphia and will name it Agia Sofia, mimicking the design of the historical church in Constantinople.

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
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