Iraklis’ fate to be announced on Monday

Iraklis’ fate to be announced on Monday

The final team that will partake in next season’s Superleague will be announced on Monday when the Hellenic Football Federation’s Arbitration Court makes their final decision on the matter. One spot will be granted to either Iraklis, Levadiakos, or Aris.

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The decision was to be announced today, however disagreements between the members of the Hellenic Football Federation’s Arbitration Court postponed the final announcement until this upcoming Monday. The court will decide which will be the final team in next year’s Greek Superleague. The three teams in the running are Iraklis, Levadiakos, and Aris.

A reminder, Iraklis avoided relegation on the pitch by finishing 12th in the Superleague standings, however they were not granted a provisional license by the Licensing Committee to compete in next year’s Superleague. According to the Superleague, this development means Iraklis finishes in last place of the Superleague standings and as a result, are demoted to the Football League. Iraklis appealed this decision to the Arbitration court in hopes of keeping their place in the Greek top flight. According to their stance and the regulations, a team cannot be relegated for failure to obtain a license, but rather many limitations are enforced including the amount of money that can be spent in the transfer window. 

If Iraklis are demoted, Levadiakos or Aris will take the Giraios’ place. Levadiakos finished in the final relegation spot (15th) in the Superleague standings, while Aris finished third in the Greek Football League. Aris’ stance is that a team that is relegated for off the pitch reasons (Iraklis) should not be replaced by a team that has been relegated on the pitch (Levadiakos, finished 15th). Thus, as the third placed team from the Football League, Aris should be granted Iraklis’ place in next year’s Superleague.

The complicated matter should be resolved on Monday and with just over a month remaining until next season's kick off, we will hopefully know who will be the 16th team in Superleague.

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