Karagounis: “It is A Shame They Made the Ethniki...Big Brother”

Karagounis: “It is A Shame They Made the Ethniki...Big Brother”

The former Greek National Team captain, Giorgos Karagounis, stated his frustration and anger about the hidden surveillance cameras found at the Agios Kosmas training center installed by the former Hellenic Football Federation administration.

The Hellenic Football Federation scandal with the video and audio recording equipment found in the training center of Agios Kosmas did not go unnoticed by the former captain of the National Team, Georgios Karagounis, who described it as outrageous.

In his interview with the radio station SPORT FM 94.6 he stated “It is shocking. Some people had turned the Ethniki into Big Brother by placing cameras in our training center. Instead of building a new training center, the only thing that mattered to some people was to monitor what happened in the National Team’s training center. What happened is outrageous. We still do not understand who’s behind this idea and what they wanted to achieve through this.

Instead of building a training center, as the one we now have is a disgrace, the only thing they came up with is to place surveillance cameras. We were humiliated, without a reason, not only in Greece but abroad as well, and I still cannot get who is behind all of this. I imagine that the rest players of the Ethniki share the same mindset. We, who were working for the Greek team, do not understand why we were being targeted and monitored. The fact that the National Team was under surveillance is sad. What did they really want to see or hear?”


by: Dimitris Spiridakos

Source: sportfm.gr

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