Kostandinou – “Ivic knew what he was doing”

Kostandinou – “Ivic knew what he was doing”

By Greg Gavalas

Panathinaikos Vice President Vassilis Kostantinou was present at the hospital where Vladan Ivic was taken to after he was hit on the head by a can of beer, he is confident that Ivic knew what he had to do given the situation and took advantage of it.

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“I talked to the doctors and they told me that the tests were good. He just had a scratch on his head and they put some dust on him to stop the blood. PAOK’s doctors ask to import him around the back way so to avoid journalists and questions, and that’s how it happened. He will stay tonight and we will see tomorrow.

I wonder, if Ivic was still a footballer, would he have continued with this act or not? I feel sorry for him; he was a good player and now a coach who wants to make a career. You won’t make a career this way.

"I am certain he pre planned it. They saw it was difficult for them to win the game and it was planned. It was an empty can of beer and if you watch the replay, it hits him on a different part to where the blood appeared.” 

Sadly this is what Greek Football has to show this week… and the other reality is that more and more fans are getting turned off the Greek product. 

I don’t think PAO vice president Kostantinou is right in saying it was pre planned, how can such an incident be pre planned but I do think Ivic made the most of the situation and having gone down as though he was hit by a full can of beer. To add insult to the situation, where the can of beer hit Ivic compared to where he was treated in hospital seems to not match up suggesting there could be further implications. The match was also only abandoned after Ivic went to hospital for a minor injury. Why would that need to happen…

Either way, calling Ivic a diver doesn’t justify anything and is a result of one idiots actions that has again highlighted the evening of matches in Greece, it will also inevitably lead to a loss of points for Panathinaikos in the current play offs and potentially next season but this shows inconsistency too.

In the Cup match, PAO midfielder Lucas Villafanez was struck by a firecracker in Toumba, that game was not abandoned and as a result we did not see the drama we saw in this game which raises the question, should Lucas have done an Ivic and “stayed down”.  
I said in my last piece EPO needs to step it up, I think everyone involved in Greek football needs to step it up but especially from a security point of view, nothing has really changed since… forever. 

It still takes just one idiot and now Panathinaikos’s hard work through the season could mean nothing with point’s deductions and no fans at games being the likely result of this.

Rules and regulation need to be put in place with a certain standard they need to meet, consistency of the rules need to occur, this is where they really fall over in Greece and that creates chaos, uncertainly and paranoia.

There is various examples to draw back on from just the past 5 years that we can draw back on as to how it’s unfair for your club or whoever is involved. Fact of the matter is, no matter what outcome is given from this incident, it will be deemed unfair for somebody one way or another and this is the result of inconsistent punishments and bullshit in Greek football.

I just wonder, do the people in power of Greek Football realize how much brand damage is being done, how much marketing potential is getting killed off and how the hooligans are essentially ruining the game for everyone else without consequences… Then you have the presidents of clubs but that’s another story.

by: Greg Gavalas
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