Manolas: “We are Highly Motivated to Prove We Belong in the Elite”

Manolas: “We are Highly Motivated to Prove We Belong in the Elite”

In the pre-game press conference, Kostas Manolas stated that the Greek players are highly motivated to prove that Greece belong in the elite.

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In the pre-game press conference Manolas stated “Belgium have many important absences, but their roster has some of the best players in Europe and even though Hazard is missing, they have players to fill his gap. We are going to play our game and look to get the best result we can.”

In regards to the importance of the match, Manolas continued saying ”It is an important match, but we are focussed on our goal. Belgium is the best team in the group, but we are not going to enter the pitch as if we have lost the game. We have players with lots of experience and in the end, we will see what we can accomplish. When you play against such good footballers, your motivation is high. We want to prove that we belong in the elite. We are a team that will not go down with a fight and we will show that tomorrow.”

As for Lukaku, Manolas said “I have played against him in the past. We know his talents, he is a great player, but Sokratis and I are ready to face him. We will surely study him on video and we will prepare for tomorrow.”

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