OFFICIAL: Iraklis withdraws from the Football League

OFFICIAL: Iraklis withdraws from the Football League

The rollercoaster that is Iraklis Thessaloniki FC took a turn for the worse on Monday with official confirmation that the club will not be able to participate in this season’s Football League and has been put into administration.

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After weeks of speculation and desperate attempts for the troubled club to be saved, owner and president Spyros Papathanasakis formally presented a document which confirmed the sad development.

The Salonica team, one of Greece’s oldest clubs and also known as the “Old Man”, has been declared bankrupt and will now start again from scratch in Greece’s semi-professional third tier taking the name of the amateur division of the club, Iraklis Ampelokipon. 

It is miserable end for Iraklis, who just a few months ago were celebrating one of the greatest escapes in Superleague history. 

Flashback to April and Greece’s football media were toasting a classic escape act that even the great Houdini himself would have been proud of with Iraklis saving their bacon on the final day of the 2016/17 season.

That came after the team had spent months rooted to the foot of the SuperLeague table, and in spite of ongoing crippling financial problems and court cases.

Unfortunately those of-the-pitch problems did not disappear, and in the end have proved the club’s undoing in a sad twist to the tale.

More official updates about the “next day” of the new club’s set-up are set to be announced in the coming days.

by Graham Wood
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