OFFICIAL: No more Superleague Playoffs

OFFICIAL: No more Superleague Playoffs

It is official...The 2017/18 Greek SuperLeague will not include playoffs at the end of the season.

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In today’s Greek Superleague Board of Directors meeting, the Superleague and NOVA, the official broadcaster of the league, came to an agreement on multiple issues that separated the two sides including the amount of money that will be received by each team from NOVA and the format for the upcoming season. Although the teams agreed to take a pay cut, which was expected, another hot topic remained, the playoffs.

With hopes of increasing the level of interest in the league, NOVA demanded that the Superleague playoffs include the first place team from the regular season and would ultimately decide the league champion. However, the Big-4 were opposed to the playoffs all together as the extra games at the end of the season were a burden on the players. Additionally, the playoffs never really drew the interest of the fans as the stadiums were half empty during the postseason despite the importance of the derbies that took place. 

To the delight of many, NOVA backed down on their stance in the playoffs issues and it was agreed upon that the 2017/18 Greek SuperLeague will NOT be held with playoffs after the conclusion of the regular season. Thus, the final standings will be decided after 30 matchdays of fixtures.

A reminder that the Superleague Champion and runner up will qualify for the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds while the Superleague’s 3rd and 4th placed teams will play in the 2018/19 UEFA Europe League 2nd qualifying round. The Greek Cup winner will be granted a place in the 2018/19 Europa League third qualifying round. 

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