OFFICIAL: Playoffs to decide 2020 Super League champion

OFFICIAL: Playoffs to decide 2020 Super League champion

In Tuesday’s Super League Board of Directors meeting, a playoff and playout format was approved for the the 2019/20 Super League season where the league champion, European places, and relegation will be decided.

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On Tuesday, a Super League Board of Directors meeting was held where various topics were discussed including the format of the 2019/20 Super League. The 2019/20 edition of the competition will consist of 14 teams as opposed to last year’s 16 teams and as a result, a new format was to be approved for the new season.

Three formats were brought to the table for discussion and vote. The members unanimously voted and approved a playoff and playout system to decide the 2020 Super League champion, European places, and relegation.

It is the first time in the Greek top flight’s history that the Super League champion will be decided via a playoff system. From 2007/08 until 2016/17, the Super League had a playoff format, however it only included the teams ranked second through fifth from the regular season. These playoffs only decided the UEFA Champions and Europa League places, but never the champion.

2019/20 Super League Format

The ‘regular season’ will consist of 26 matchdays, with each team playing the others in home and away fixtures, totaling 26 games per team.

At the end of 26 fixtures, the top six teams will enter the playoffs while teams ranked 7th-14th will enter the playouts. All points accumulated in the regular season will transfer over to the playoffs and playouts.

The playoffs will decide the Super League champion and European places while the playouts will decide who will suffer relegation to the Super League 2.

The exact format of the playoffs and playouts was not released by the Super League, however the playoffs are expected to consist of ten matchdays, with each team playing the others in home and away fixtures (a total of 10 fixtures).

The playouts will consist of a single round of games, totaling seven fixtures per team, with the higher ranked teams playing four matches at home and three on the road. The bottom two teams will be relegated to the Super League 2, however it will be decided at a later date if both will be automatically relegated at the end of the playouts or if the bottom team will suffer automatic relegation and the second from bottom team will compete in a playoff against the Super League 2’s runner-up side.


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