OFFICIAL: SuperLeague indefinitely suspended

OFFICIAL: SuperLeague indefinitely suspended

After Sunday’s unsavoury incident during the PAOK - AEK duel at the Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki, the Super League has officially been indefinitely suspended.

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On Monday, Deputy Greek Culture and Sports Minister George Vassiliadis announced that following a government meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the Super League is suspended indefinitely until conclusions are drawn from yesterday’s chaos in Thessaloniki. Taking into account the upcoming international break, the 26th round of the Super League will take place no earlier than March 31. Vassiliadis stressed that officials are in contact with UEFA and important decisions will be taken during the Super League break.

When speaking to the media, Vassiliadis made this following statement: “Over the past three years, the government has put a lot of effort in to clean up this side of football. There has been success, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The same rules apply to everyone, so we decided to suspend the championship for the time being. We will have discussions with the federation, the players and the league itself. We are openly communicating with UEFA and we won’t restart the championship until we have a clear program of how to move forward. We’re waiting for the federation and the league to make proposals. In this indefinite league break, we will work on tighter security rules and stricter penalties.”

All hell broke loose at the Toumba Stadium after Fernando Varela’s header in the dying moments was ruled off for offside. PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis charged on to the pitch with a gun in his back pocket, appearing to threaten referee Georgios Kominis and members of AEK’s staff. The game was eventually called off with Kominis’ match report stating that PAOK were leading 1:0. AEK have since declared that they will take the matter to court, UEFA and FIFA. 


by Shaun Nicolaides
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