OFI and Aiginiakos guilty of match-fixing

OFI and Aiginiakos guilty of match-fixing

OFI and Aiginiakos have been found guilty of match-fixing in the 2017/2018 Football League season, but before any punishments are put into action, the two clubs will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

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On Monday afternoon, the Hellenic Football Federation’s (EPO) Ethics Committee released its decision concerning the match-fixing allegations made against OFI and Aiginiakos, with the organisation declaring the two clubs guilty. The match in question is a Football League game between OFI and Aiginiakos on November 12, 2017, in which the Cretans registered a 6:0 victory. According to reports, there was an underhand agreement in place for Aiginiakos to lose by at least three goals, and the two clubs have subsequently been found guilty of rigging that particular game.

The punishment is hugely damaging for both clubs. OFI, currently in 15th place of the Super League, have been sentenced to relegation to the Football League, while Aiginiakos (in last position of the 2018/2019 Football League) are set to be demoted to the Gamma Ethniki. The two teams will also be docked six points from the 2019/2020 season and have received fines amounting to 300,000 euros.

Fotis Tsalos, the then OFI president, has been given a lifetime ban from footballing activities, with his Aiginiakos counterpart Giannis Nopas receiving the same punishment. They have also been fined 60,000 euros.

Footballers Vasilis Liolios (Aiginiakos), Athanasios Tolios (Aiginiakos) and Panagiotis Giazitzoglou (Aiginiakos) have been penalised with a 10-year ban from the sport and a 5,000 fine for their involvement in fixing the match.

However, OFI and Aiginiakos do hold the right to appeal the decision, and in the past, similar punishments have been overturned after court battles. OFI (Super League) and Aiginiakos (Football League) can continue competing in their respective championships as their appeals have not yet been assessed.

OFI were reportedly ready for this situation and are preparing their appeal at this moment in time.


by Shaun Nicolaides

Image Source: sdna.gr

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