Olympiacos Book Place in Volley League Finals

Olympiacos Book Place in Volley League Finals

Olympiacos defeated Pamvohaikos 0-3 set in game three of the Greek Volley League Playoff semi-finals, sweeping their opponents 3-0 in the series and booking their place in the finals.

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Olympiacos once again dominated Pamvohaikos in today’s game 3 matchup for the Greek Volley League semi-finals winning all three sets,19-25, 23-20, and, 20-25 to win the match 0-3 set and sweeping the series 3-0.

The Erythrolefki, who did not lose a single set in the semi-finals against Pamvohaikos, will return to the Greek Volley League FInals after a one year absence. There, they will face either Panathinaikos or PAOK with hopes of winning their first Volley League Title since 2014.

Image Source: sportfm.gr
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