Olympiacos continue Adriatic League pursuit, Panathinaikos keen to follow

Olympiacos continue Adriatic League pursuit, Panathinaikos keen to follow

Olympiacos have reportedly formalized their pursuit of joining the Adriatic League, while arch-rivals Panathinaikos are keen to “play in the same league as Olympiacos”…

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Olympiacos have stepped-up their pursuit of joining the Adriatic League by sending a formal communication to the league’s board.

Adriatic League CEO, Kresimir Novosel, has substantiated Olympiacos’ pursuit after confirming the League has received a letter from Olympiacos.

“It’s true that Olympiacos has contacted us. We were informed of their interest to join our League, which was formalized with the letter we received. The Greek club asked to be informed on the League’s operation, its shareholder composition, the competition rules and other features of our League,” Novosel told Greek newspaper “Live Sport.”

Olympiacos began flirting with the prospect of leaving the Greek Basket League following the events during last month’s Greek Cup semifinal against Panathinaikos.

The Erythrolefki forfeited the second half of last month’s Cup clash in protest to officiating during that game, and have since began lobbying for the involvement of foreign officials during all derby clashes with Panathinaikos.

Olympiacos continued their campaign to lobby for foreign officials in derby clashes during last week’s Basket League board meeting, but that campaign appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

On Thursday, the Central Refereeing Committee appointed three Greek officials for Sunday’s Eternal Derby clash in Piraeus. In the aftermath of the announcement, Olympiacos made an announcement of their own as the club revealed that no tickets would be made available for Sunday’s clash as the club are set to forfeit the game in protest.

Panathinaikos: “…in the league that Olympiacos plays in”

Reports also indicate that Panathinaikos are keen to follow Olympiacos to the Adriatic League as the Trifylli are also said to have sent a letter to the League’s office.

The letter sent by Panathinaikos is said to declare the club’s interest to compete in a top-level league and “in the league that Olympiacos plays in.”

It is reported that Panathinaikos do not wish to leave the Basket League entirely, instead the Trifylli are reportedly keen in playing in both the Basket League and the Adriatic League.


by Peter Katsiris

Image Source: to10.gr

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