Olympiacos Face Another Point Deduction Threat

Olympiacos Face Another Point Deduction Threat

Olympiacos are at risk for a new point deduction after the Piraeus Prosecutor's Office ordered a preliminary investigation into the “beating” of Platanias’ players during their Super League Matchday 26 encounter on April 1st.

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Olympiacos face new legal trouble, apart from the pending case for the incidents with AEK, that threaten their conquest of this year’s Superleague title! The Prosecutor’s Office of Piraeus ordered a preliminary investigation against the Erythrolefki that will look into the supposed “beating” of Platanias’ players during the halftime break of their Matchday 26 encounter between the two teams at the Karaiskaki stadium.

According to sources, 3 days after the match between Platanias and Olympiacos a file was sent to the Hellenic Police department of Athletic Violence, regarding the summon of witnesses from Platanias in order to clarify what happened in the locker rooms during halftime. However, this file reached Platanias’ offices only this past Saturday (4/22), with a slight delay one would say, asking the club which players and members could testify and shed light on the case. 

A reminder that Platanias made an announcement about the incident right after the conclusion of the game, reporting the hostile treatment by the home side. Moreover, Platanias’ Christos Karypidis broke his silence a few days ago about what he experienced that night stating “Unprecedented things happened to me. I have never seen anything like it. Everything happened in the locker rooms when the result was 0-1 in favor for us. No action was taken because it was Platanias. There must be penalties, so these kind of incidents never take place again.”

The bad news for Olympiacos is that they not only face sanctions, due to the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office of Piraeus, but they also face a threat on a sports level as EPO’s Disciplinary Committee will surely intervene. If this does happen, the Erythrolefki will be in danger of facing the penalties of Article 29 of EPO’s Disciplinary Code on “Violence.” This article states that if a team violates this statute they could face a 6 point deduction, matches without home fans, huge financial penalties, and even relegation!

All this is taking place while the Erythrolefki still wait for the court’s decision on the incidents that took place after the match against AEK in the Greek Cup semi-finals. 

A reminder that a 6 point deduction for Olympiacos could bring PAOK atop the league table, crowning the team of Thessaloniki as champions of this year’s Superleague. 

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
Image Source: sportfm.gr
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