Olympiacos’ New Shirt? The Erythrolefki Becoming ‘Portokali’?

Olympiacos’ New Shirt? The Erythrolefki Becoming ‘Portokali’?

This week the site Todosobrecamisetas.com revealed images for Olympiacos’ jerseys for the 2017/18 season. The first image on the page showed a classic red and white striped jersey reminiscent of Olympiacos jerseys of the past.

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The real news however was the second jersey shown. It depicted an orange jersey as the team’s potential away or alternate shirt. The solid orange jersey looked looked very similar to the usual look of the Dutch national team. This leaked kit certainly sent Olympiacos fans to social media to voice their opinions. 
Τhe reviews have been mixed thus far and it remains to be seen whether these are legit leaks as in some cases they turn out to be fakes. It is worth noting however that the same website last year released ahead of time some leaked Olympiacos jerseys for the 2016/17 campaign and they were correct. So, perhaps Thrylos supporters may need to get used to orange.



by: Giorgos Tsitsonis. Contact the writer at tsitsonisg.agonasport@gmail.com
Source: Todosobrecamisetas.com
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