Olympiacos on Top of Greece

Olympiacos on Top of Greece

It was a season full of successes for the Erythrolefki, winning two European titles and another 16 domestically.

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Olympiacos won a total of 18 titles across seven different sports in the 2017-18 season. 16 of these 18 titles were domestic, while the other two were European titles (LEN Champions League and CEV Women’s Challenge Cup). This marks the first time ever that a Greek club won two European titles in the same season. The Erythrolefki also reached European finals in men’s volleyball and women’s water polo, but came up short.

For the first time in 15 years, none of the titles came from men’s football or men’s basketball, without a doubt the club’s two most popular teams. Nevertheless, Olympiacos as a club is still thriving despite it being a difficult time for Greeks, thanks to the successes of their various amateur clubs.

List of 2017-18 Olympiacos Titles

LEN Champions League (Men’s Water Polo)
CEV Women’s Challenge Cup (Women’s Volleyball)
A1 Ethniki (Men’s Water Polo)
Greek Cup (Men’s Water Polo)
A1 Ethniki (Women’s Volleyball)
Greek Cup (Women’s Volleyball)
Greek Volleyball League (Men’s Volleyball)
League Cup (Men’s Volleyball)
Greek Handball Premier (Men’s Handball)
Greek Cup (Men’s Handball)
A1 Ethniki (Women’s Water Polo)
Greek Cup (Women’s Water Polo)
A1 Ethniki (Women’s Basketball)
Greek Cup (Women’s Basketball)
A1 Ethniki (Men’s Table Tennis)
A1 Ethniki (Women’s Table Tennis)
Greek Boxing Championship (Men’s Boxing)
Greek Indoor Athletics Championships (Men’s Track and Field)

by Andrew Stamas
Image Source: to10.gr
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