Olympiacos release kits for the 2017/18 season

Olympiacos release kits for the 2017/18 season

Olympiacos officially unveiled their three kits for the 2017/2018 season.

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The Erythrolefki have chosen Adidas as the club’s jersey designer for a third consecutive year in the official unveiling this week. The home kit, as expected, did not differ much from the traditional red-white stripe line format, however Adidas decided to bring a new essence in the away kit choosing colour choices of orange and dark blue in an effort to make the jersey unique. The third kit will be a solid red color.

The new home jersey maintains the classic red-white stripe format that has been linked to Olympiacos’ history. The jersey has four stripes on the front, two red and two white, accompanied with two thinner red stripes towards the sides. The golden color of the Adidas logo represents Olympiacos’ history which is filled with “golden” successes and links the new jersey to achievements to come in the future. 

This season the Peiraiotes will pursue their eighth consecutive league title in an attempt to break their own record. The jersey’s sleeves are white with a red finish giving a minimal yet modern tone to the jersey’s design. The four golden stars over Olympiacos’ emblem symbolize the club’s 44 league titles, a star for each 10 league titles. On the crew neck’s inside the phrase “We keep on dreaming” is written in a way to inspire the players to always do their best. As for the shorts, they are white, with three golden strips on the side. 

The bold away kit will bring mixed emotions amongst Olympiacos’ fans as the Erythrolefki will be wearing orange jerseys for the first time in club history. The jersey’s orange colour matches nicely with the dark blue of the collar, the stripes on the sides, and the Adidas logo. The away kit shorts are also dark blue with three orange stripes on the sides.

On Thursday, Olympiacos released the third kit which will be a full red shirt accompanied by red shorts. The Adidas logo and the stripes on the shorts are white. 

The price of each shirt will be under €70 for each shirt.





source: Olympiacos FC
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